My Final Images 

I have decided to use these as my final images as i think that they represent concerns over body image and the distorted views of both the media and ourselves about appearance.

I have also updated them to Flickr where they are better quality and larger to see.

The link to my Flickr is:

It is under the name:  katiehughes2

 This is the link to my album: FINAL IMAGES,

final imagte 7


final image 2


final images 5

final image 3

rheanna image

edited image 4


If I was going to use these for the exhibition than I would present them in a newspaper format. There are websites such as,, which allow you to print out digital tabloid newspapers.

I would use a large image per page, roughly about 1280 x 800.  I would have a brief description about highlighting the different issues surrounding body image through the media and the title of the various images. By using the format of a newspaper, it would fit in with my idea that the media help influence us and can access the minds of millions of people very easily. I would have the newspaper lying fat against the table so that people are able to flick through as they walk around and I will also include an enticing headline to grab people’s attention. I would like to do headline font using ‘Human Capital’ font which I found on The font shows the human body in various positions to create letters which I think would also be very eye catching and go along with my theme.


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