rheanna image


The Photoshop image wouldn’t upload so i have attached a Print screen version. For this image I wanted to go towards the other angle, rather than distorted in the sense of body dysmorphic disorder and seeing features completely exaggerated I wanted to show the desire for people to try and achieve this perfect image of beauty and Barbie being a representation of that.

I also did the same thing using Red bull cans. I photographed them in the mirror against the black background and then used Photoshop to alter the settings and make them brighter. I wanted the red bull to stand out more so wanted to keep that in colour. I used the Lasso tool to select the can and then I went on ‘Select’ and selected ‘Inverse’. I then was able to change the rest of the image’s colour to black and white by  going to Image – Adjustments – Hue/Saturation and changing the saturation level right down so it was black and white. I also wanted to make the image brighter so i went to Image – Apply Image so that it intensified it.

dsc_0710 dsc_0730 dsc_0733 image 4 image


The final images

I tried a few different attempts and these were the results:



Although it needs a lot of work in Photoshop, I think that it shows the distorted views of many people of what they believe they see in the mirror and the crushed Red Bull can shows the energy being crushed out of the people who have eating disorders.



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