Tom Forsythe, is a photographer from Kanab who created a controversial series using Barbie dolls called ‘Food Chain Barbie’. Through his images he wanted to satirize Western culture’s conventional-beauty myth. His shocking images of Barbie in sexualised positions and vintage kitchen products also represent mutilation of our bodies through trying to become more like the ‘Barbie’.


He also did some other work called ‘Personal Illusions’ which shows people’s interpretations of their body image.
Forsythe states on his website,

“A participatory photo essay where the subject chooses objects to represent how they want the world to see them, then plays in front of distortion material while I photograph the results, which are usually very different from what the subject sees, proving in the process that how we view the world depends completely on where we stand.”

Personal Illusions. (n.d.). Retrieved May 10, 2014, from




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