The way that people take photographs today can often be manipulated and digitally enhanced afterwards and therefore encourage people to believe that this ‘photoshopped’ and perfect image is normal. This then leads to comparison and ultimately a lower self esteem.

I thought it would be a cool idea to physically ‘Photoshop’ Lauren using paint to slim down the limbs and torso as you would do on Photoshop. I used acrylic paint and a large paintbrush down Lauren’s legs, arms and inner body so that  it would be like a mock up of how extreme some photographs are ‘Photoshopped’.


I also did various shots of just sections of the body to emphasise this mutilation that we have on the body and how we are ‘Photoshopping’ parts of our bodie’s away when we digital enhance our images.

I also found this article very interesting and it raises a few important ideas about today’s society. I particularly liked the quote:

“Today, we see women presented to us all hours of the day in every form of media that do not look like women 20 years ago OR women you see face to face. And yet, over time, many of us come to hold ourselves to that unattainable standard that appears so normal and unquestioned as we physically Photoshop ourselves out of reality.”

Redefined, B. (2013, September 26th). Physically photoshopping ourselves out of reality. Retrieved May 10, 2014, from

Advertising images do not reflect reality, with wrinkles, moles, tooth colour and even features receiving heavy amounts of Photoshop. For example, this image of Twiggy.


Here are my edited versions of my photographs. I used Photoshop Elements to really bring out the different colours and shades and so you can notice the difference more.

final image 1


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