I also wanted to show the idea that women’s bodies are controlled under late capitalism and how we have practically become commodities ourselves to be sold and like ‘Barbie dolls in a box’.

“Late capitalism quite literally brands the bodies of women…Femininity itself has become a brand, a narrow and shrinking formula of commoditised identity which can be sold back to women who have become alienated from their own power as living, loving, labouring beings”(p.4)

Penny, L. (2011). Meat Market: Female Flesh Under Capitalism. Winchester: Zero Books.

We buy into this idea of conventional beauty standards and buy fake tan, fake eyelashes, razors, hair extensions, hair dye, make up, fat burners and many other products in order to enhance our body image and become like a Barbie. Therefore, we are almost turning into a product ourselves to be sold and distributed.


Untitled(p48.) “

Wykes, M. and Gunter, B. (2005). The Media and Body Image: If Looks Could Kill. London Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.

With all the things that we do to our bodies, we are becoming less natural as a society. This idea is like the hypodermic needle theory and the mass media has had a direct effect on us as a nation. When we see images of celebrities in magazines and their images uploaded to Instragram and other sites, we immediately believe that it is what is regarded as acceptable beauty.

I wanted to create an image of Lauren in a box. I wanted to liken Lauren to the image below:


DSC_0792 DSC_0802 DSC_0803

I told Lauren to smile with a fake expression, likewise to Barbie. I also wanted her to stand in a static and rigid position so that she would look doll-like and almost like she was standing in a box to be bought.


I will Photoshop this image with


so that it appears that Lauren is in the box.

Here is my finalised image:

lauren barbie x

To achieve this I made a layer in Photoshop once I opened the original image of Lauren and then made a  duplicate layer. I blurred the copied layer by going to Filter > Gaussian Blur and changed the settings to 1.5 to 6 pixels. I applied a layer mask and filled the layer mask with black.  To give Lauren a more airbrushed skin look i used a soft mechanical brush over the layer mask .I kept brushing over her face and body so it appeared flawless and the face looked more plastic.  I enhanced the colour of her eyes by adding a new layer and choosing a blue colour for the eyes. I used a brush tool so that it would fit the pupil of the eyes then painted it with the blue colour. I then changed the blend to overlay so that it was more subtle. To add some colour to the cheeks I made a new layer and changed the size of the brush to 100 pixels. I used a brush on the cheeks with a light pink and then changed the blend again. I added a new layer to do the dark eye liner and blended it with linear dodge and duplicated the layer so the effects were stronger. I then put the image inside the Barbie box and added a pink border like the edge of the frame.


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