Drawing inspiration from Sheila Pree Bright’s series, ‘Plastic Bodies’, i decided to play around with that idea of half Barbie, half human. I wanted to merge the two together in juxtaposition to convey the likeness of women today resembling this ‘Barbie’ look through cosmetic surgery and make up due to the media’s pressures.

I put on over the top make-up on Lauren, including two sets of fake eyelashes, foundation, blusher, bronzer, pink lipstick , dark eyebrows and made sure that her hair was extra volumised. I also gave her a tiara to go along the theme of uber-feminity and to resemble this Barbie doll image:



Using a website,, i was able to photoshop blonde hair onto the image and change the colour of the lipstick so that it was more of a baby pink shade and therefore, more ‘Barbie-like’.


I then used Photoshop to merge the image together with this image:


The final result was this picture:


It is funny to see how similar the images look and how doll like we are becoming through the way we use make up and plastic surgery to alter ourselves.

I also did another version of the image:

barbie picture lauren


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