I thought Beyonce’s recent music video for the single, “Pretty Hurts” was visually very reflective of the society in which we have become. Much of the focus is on people’s looks and Beyonce explores vanity and these lengths that we have gone to to achieve ‘beauty’ because of the pressures from the media and what has now become the ‘norm’ in terms of beauty standards for women.

Below I have taken some screen grabs:

In the first two images, she is being prodded with a needle suggesting some form of cosmetic surgery with lines around her face suggesting the change.



There is also a few clips that show her throwing up in the toilet – an indication of having bulimia in a bid to stay as slim as possible in today’s society. There is also clips of women surrounded by mirrors suggesting the importance of their self-image.




Lastly, there is a few shots of Beyonce getting a spray tan showing the high beauty standards that women have.



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