Aerie Lingerie Campaign

“The modernity of the apparent expansion of ‘fasting’ and its focus on the body rather than on the soul appears to parallel the explosion of the mass media over the past 40 years. Consequently, causal or probable relationships between media representations and body image have been regularly, theoretically posed since Orbach (1978), who briefly noted the tendency for the media to produce a picture of ideal femininity as ‘thin, free of unwanted hair, deodorised, perfumed and clothed… They produce a picture  of ideal femininity that is far removed from the reality of everyday lives” (p.2)

Wykes,M. and Gunter,B. (2005) The Media and Body Images: If Looks Could Kill. London Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications

Wykes and Gunter suggest how the media produce this ideology of the ‘perfect feminine woman’ and through advertising most supermodels are airbrushed to perfection adding to this.

American underwear company, Aerie, decided to publish their photographs in the campaign without any retouching to prove that women don’t need to be airbrushed to be beautiful.






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