‘Thigh Gap’ Trend


Thinspiration photos are typically “selfies” of young, emaciated girls – skin and bones. Instead of being negative and frightening, images to show the reality of the destruction that comes from an eating
disorder, these pictures are meant to be positive, motivational, and, just as the word says,
inspirational. It is not uncommon to see phrases such as “hunger hurts…but starving
works,” or “food is the drug we must all quit,” superimposed on bodies of skeletal young
women as one form of thinspiration. (p.11)


Klein M,Kendyl(2013) “Why Don’t I Look Like Her? The Impact of Social Media on Female Body Image” CMC Senior Theses.Paper 720. http://scholarship.claremont.edu/cmc_theses/720

Klein suggests that these messages are anything but inspirational and encouraging people that starving themselves is a solution. The ‘Thinspiration’ trend has also encouraged a new trend to go viral across social networks. The ‘Thigh Gap’ is another trend sweeping across social media platforms which encourages users to try to make sure their thighs do not touch. Many images show users the best ways of achieving ‘Thigh Gaps’ and according to the Mail Online in an article from February 2013, they said:

“One clinic reports a 240% rise in demand for lipoglaze treatment to emulate ‘thigh gap” 


I took a screen grab of picture sharing website, Pinterest , after i had searched for ‘Thigh Gap’ in the search bar and was inundated with images. 




This is just one website, there are plenty more that you can find with a quick Google search which makes it incredibly worrying what we are exposing ourselves to.


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