Andre Kertesz

I found Andre Kertesz work particularly fascinating. He is a hungarian photographer who is known widely for his distorted nude images. Again, i really like the black and white photographs because i think you can see the contrast more between the person in the frame against the dark background and it really stands out.  They are fairly similar to Edward Weston’s photographs except they have been highly distorted. I think this idea reflects what people sometimes feel that they see when looking in the mirror. Because of the media’s impact and the use of Photoshop of celebrities, celebrity selfies and photographs in the magazines, it portrays the view that people need to be perfect and many people aspire to look like people in the tabloids. Andre Kertesz photographs presents this warped view that many people believe and also shows how we see this distorted view of our own bodies.


12485a_Kertesz   13372a1ca719180b294fe8241a280573 imagesCARUML48






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