Work In Progress

Over the christmas period , my aim was to photograph my family during the fesitivities and whilst i did this with my polaroid camera i lost the images on my travels!

At first i was initially disappointed to have lost great photographs but i was also quite bored and uninterested in my idea and was lacking the enthusiasm to push my project forward. After talking with Maria i realised i should do something that i am excited about whilst not venturing too far away from my initial ideas.

I am particularly interested in celebrity culture, popular and universal trends, social media and how photography is used today of a way of documenting peoples lives.

I still want to incorporate the idea of using polaroid photography to some extend but will collolaborate my work with photo’s taken on smartphones, i.e iphones, samsungs etc.

I want to bring in the ideas of how people overshare their social lives and how this is done through social media and other means.

I want to look at the idea of “Selfie” culture and exploring what makes a “like-worthy” “Selfie” on Instagram and Facebook. I would like to make a montage of “selfies” using different people and see the variety in expressions. I will also photograph myself taking a number of “Selfies” in different locations using my Polaroid camera.

There is also the idea of a “Selfie” before you go out but never of a post-night out “selfie” so i would like to aim to get people to participant to tell the difference. I would probably put both images together into a diptych style format to really enhance and emphasise the meanings of the juxtaposed images. 

With also looking at this culture of going out, i recently read an article on 10 stages of a hangover and thought it would be quite good to develop this idea into a series of images.

Another idea i think that would be a lot of fun would be to get friends and lots of different people to send me a photograph of their dinner and i could put them all together into a montage to embark on the idea of Food Sharing that is a trend across social media.




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