Blog 6: Proposal

As a final piece I am hoping to deliver 18 Polaroid images that I will have taken using my own equipment. As my critical approach is arguing that the physicality of an image makes the photograph much more meaningful and delivers emotions that you cannot possibly achieve from viewing an image digitally I’d like to have my images printed out in a physical way. I want to display the photographs so they are a about 4X the size of a traditional Polaroid image and attach a thick white card round the edge to create the white frame of a traditional Polaroid but on a larger scale. I would like to put one final image together as a montage so it creates more meaning from the images together in either a triptych or diptych.

I am not taking a direct theme with my images because it is more the fact of the physicality as the message I am trying to relay. However, the subject of an image emphasizes this feeling and so I want to get across how it helps to add to someone’s memories, identity and family history. Therefore, I will be taking photographs of my family over the Christmas period and self portraits of my parents, grandparents and of my sister to show the difference in generations. I have chosen to do the Christmas element because I feel it encapsulates what Christmas is all about and that being family. It is traditional to take lots of photographs on Christmas day as it is a day to be remembered around the world so I think it fits in perfectly with what I’d like to achieve from the photographs. I will also take images of locations I’ve been to which hold memories for me.

I have decided to do this as my project because I am very passionate about Polaroid photography and liked the challenge of attempting something new as opposed to using an SLR camera which I am more familiar with. I also thought it may help me progress and learn new skills by trying new techniques to better the images such as manipulating lighting. My aim is to show the people viewing my photographs the importance of an image you can hold and the difference it makes in conveying emotions to the image as opposed to the digital.


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