Blog 5: Production Planning

To take all of my photographs I will be using my Fujifilm Instax Mini and my own film. I will not be using any extra resources such a light or a studio to take my images. To gain the best I can from the photographs I will be using various techniques and ensure good lighting and angles to achieve good results. I will need to upload them to a computer in order to present them for my piece of work. To take my photographs I will need a number of props that I will already have present on the day. My theme for my images will be Christmas so I will be taking them mostly at home and at my grandparent’s house.  Therefore, I will be using props such as Christmas crackers, Christmas tree and other festive items for some of my images. I will be taking a few self portraits of my family members and asking them for a caption that they would like on the frame. I will upload them by using the scanner at St Matthias and upload the photographs straight to my computer. I will be using the Photoshop and Bridge software as a way of ensuring all the photographs are the correct size and to any final touches to help to visually enhance the images and upload it to my blog to show my progression of work. I will probably use brightness and contrast to enhance the best elements of the photographs and make them especially eye-catching. As my idea focuses greatly on the idea of physicality of an image and its importance I want to showcase my work so they are physically able to hold and will need to consider how for my final project.




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