Blog 4: The Pilot

My pilot shows my ideas and thoughts coming together to create a solid idea that I am passionate about and can pursue when I am working on my final project. I have attached images to my blog as a starting point of what I want to achieve from the photographs. The photographs I have taken are pictures of everyday things such as a pair of converses or a front room but they are equally important at adding to a timeline in history for example for people looking at the photographs in 20 years time will show the changes in fashion etc. I also wanted to photograph moments that I wanted to be able to remember of places I’ve visited in a way of documenting my experiences that I can share with family members for years to come.


My main aims to come across through the project is comparing Polaroid photography with digitized from the position of seeing Polaroid as incorporating what photography is all about as opposed to digital images. I want to come across in my work the advantages of having a photo that you can hold and remains for the next generation to see time and time again. Taking this idea and contrasting it with a “lost” generation because of the digital age. I also want to show how having photographs printed of life events recreates memories and embody and adds to a person’s identity. There is also the factor of how we don’t get the same feelings of looking at images online as we do seeing them printed out for us to hold. We can’t fully connect with the images when looking at a computer screen to get the real sense of nostalgia, affiliation and pride as you would a physical image.


I learnt through the process of production a new knowledge of this style of photography. Whilst I had had photos taken this way before, I had never been at the other end of the camera and so I grasped new skills by using an older form of photography. I also learnt it’s a lot of manipulation to guarantee a great image. Because this style of photography doesn’t have the fancy settings and the ability to alter its aesthetics in Photoshop post-production there are things that must be adhered to prior to taking the photos and I can use these skills from now on even with more sophisticated types of photography.


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