Blog 3: Research

In terms of research I have mainly used theoretical research as a basis. I have looked on the internet on various art based websites for example, the Tate Modern art gallery in London. I have used it to look at the particular type of work I have been looking for searching, “Polaroid” into the search bar and there being a number of artists featured which has led me to explore their work. For example, Lucas Samaras and Dieter Roth. This has helped me gain inspiration for what I would like to achieve from my photographs. Furthermore, i have been looking through the following art books, “The Polaroid Book: Selections from the Polaroid Collections of Photography” by Barbara Hitchcock and “Polaroids” by Diego Utichel which feature famous Polaroid images. I wanted to see what was special about the photographs chosen and if I could take any knowledge from that and imitate that into my own work.

I have also been reading articles on Polaroid cameras and its history and have found this website, which is particularly interesting in terms of getting a background knowledge on this type of photography.

As I am a novice learner to using a Polaroid camera i am also purchasing the book, “Instant Love: How to Make Magic and Memories” by Susannah Conway. The book is very informative on how to create the best outcome from your images by manipulating angles, changing settings and best ways of capturing light. I feel that this will be very accommodating in helping me achieve a good result with my images! 

For practice, I wanted to capture images on a camera with the same effect and so have been taking a number of images on disposable cameras of sights around Bristol such as Clifton Suspension Bridge and Christmas markets. I have also taken pictures on my Fujifilm Instax mini which produces Polaroid style images.


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