Blog Entry 2: Similar Work

Futher examples in my work i’ve looked at include David Hockney who particularly looks the idea of montaging through Polaroids. His work of putting this small pictures together to make a new image is like adding layers to the feelings he is trying to convey. I particularly like the photograph Mother Bradford, Hockney’s mother. The image is made up of many different images with parts of her carpet, her chair, her table, vase, clothing and her facial features which is symbolising her identity and putting the parts together of who she is. Therefore, it relates to my idea of looking at family history and the feelings associated with this type of photography and capturing a self portrait allows the discourse of identity through family history.

I’ve also looked at the work of Helmut Newton, who took very sexualised photographs on Polaroids. The focus was particularly on women with minimal clothing and some for Vogue magazine photoshoots. It seems to be the high end photography example of today but the 1970s version and the comparisons between the two.

Lastly, i have looked at the work of Mark Cohen, an American photographer. His photograph, “Scranton ,PA” taken in 1981 reminds me of the clumsy photographs that we take as amateur photographers. The photograph is blurred and at an awkward angle of the torso which is something we’d be unlikely to capture deliberately. Therefore it has that feel of a family photo taken by accident but yet has comical memories to the day it was taken and adding to the nostaglic feelings.


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