Blog Entry 1 : Theoretical Context

My ideas have changed a number of times through starting the module. Initially, I wanted to explore the idea of love, affection and romance and looking at how the media convey “love” to us as an audience through magazines, celebrity culture and current photography methods. However, I wanted to compare OK! Magazine with real life couples and figured there may be a few ethical problems and other issues in obtaining consent from people to photograph. As well as the possibility of it looking slightly staged which was the affect I wanted to avoid. Therefore, I looked at other ideas in a similar field and have finally settled on something I am more passionate about which is Polaroid photography. I want to look at the idea of memory and family history carried forward through Polaroid images. As digital is taking over it’s almost like we have lost memories as we don’t tend to get them printed physically anymore and how the physicality of a photograph has an impact on retaining special memories and continuing a family tree. Through Polaroid photography you can put pieces of identity together.

My ideas have stemmed from last year’s piece of work where I looked at family and memory. When I visited my grandparent’s house they presented me with Polaroid photos of my father and other family events, which fascinated me. Spurred on by this interest and a passion for documenting family history I began looking at other photographers for inspiration. I have looked at Photographers whose style of photography using Polaroid’s includes and documents places they’ve been, events they’ve witnessed, family members captured in an impromptu pose and “real” everyday photographs that are taken by the everyday person.

I like the work of Andy Warhol’s portraits which are similar style to that of a passport photo which reflect ideas of discourse and identity which is all what family is about. Your photograph; your reflection and image of yourself are part of knowing where you belong through your appearance.

Additionally, through reading “From Polaroid to Impossible” Masterpieces of Instant Photography – The Westlight Collection, I have found a number of photographers who capture the element of feeling nostalgic and memory perfectly.

I found Stefanie Schneider’s photographs captured the appeal of a family holiday, a memory of an event and especially “Beachshoot” which are reminiscent of a summer getaway.

Additionally, I liked the work of Edouard Boubat and “Autoportrait” which gives the impression of normality and an invite into his daily life and creating that feeling of “realness” to the photo.


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