Polaroid ideas and thoughts

Because of my interest and love for polaroid pictures i wanted to somehow incorporate it into my work and take plenty of pictures using a polaroid camera. Whilst i was looking through on Amazon the newer versions of polaroids and the reviews from customers and the reasons they bought them they all seemed to be the “fun” element. In watching your photos develop, having it already printed and there for you to decorate where you want and not having the option to “Photoshop” or edit and just being real images. In comparison to the ever extending technology of digital cameras and photographs that are taken on our phones and deleted because we dislike them. The vintage look of polaroid pictures also seem to be more flattering and the likes of Apps like Instagram seem to try to copy this look:


The use of filters and changing it to appear more grainy has become very popular.

I want to explore how the digital age has affected photography and how it’s now making a comeback.

Looking at how digital camera photography differs from the traditional old style and what seems to be more aesthetically pleasing and the views on both types of photography.

I also want to look at the idea of montage and try to do this using both types of methods.



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