Other Ideas..

Personally, i really like the look of vintage style photographs. I particularly like black and white and sepia images and would like to try and take some of these for my project.

I find the website “Pinterest” a particularly useful website for photography of searching for themes and gaining ideas.

I browsed through these images to see how the media, social networks and advertisements portray couples compared to photographers who shoot real life photographers.

Through looking i also established what photographs i particularly liked and the shots i thought added meaning to the pictures.

In particular, i really liked the close up images i found that doesn’t necessarily convey the stereotypical “couple” photography such as kissing, holding hands and hugging but were quite unique.

Here are a few that caught my eye..


I like black and white photographs as it can look more visually pleasing and i feel it works well in this case.  Also,  the fact  that the photographer has caught their bodies but not their heads but yet you can still tell a great deal from their body language in the photo.


I particularly like the style of this photo because its different that the couple aren’t in focus yet your eyes are drawn to them. I like the various different colours within the frame and how its taken capturing the action of their movement.

From looking through these images i found two photographer’s blog and saw their collection of images. After looking through the pictures i really believed they looked like a genuine couple and was happily surprised to learn from reading the blog they were. For my photographs i would like to use the techniques that Bobbi and Mike have used to add this level of authenticity to real life couple photography.




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